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Gas is out of control!

I’m really not sure of the EXACT reasons why gas has gone up so much lately, other then something is going down…AGAIN…in the Middle East, but it’s getting way out of control. (I tend to not follow the news so much – it pains me to see all the bad shit all the time)

My commute on days that I have to take Dominic to school is 50 miles one way. I chose to live where I do knowing that I would have a long commute, but since moving out to Gilbert, gas prices have gone up $0.50+ per gallon – it’s been about 6 weeks. When I was in high school (1997), it was $0.85/gal, and by 2006 it was up to $4.15/gal for a little while…WTF?

I’ve thought of trading in the Tacoma for a Jetta TDI or something that gets better gas mileage, but that would be pretty reactionary of me, and put me in the same position I dug myself out of years ago (with buying new car after new car). The Tacoma is nearly paid off, and I’m getting about 22mpg with it right now, so it’s not that bad for what it is, it’s just the $55 fill ups every 3 days that are pissing me off.

Can someone please just go drop some bombs or something to straighten this shit out in the Middle East. I mean – why are we so heavily reliant on their oil anyway – don’t we have some reserves we can start drilling in to? (cue the greenpeace freaks!)

I feel better now. Carry on.


  1. Paul says:

    There is speculation that these current spikes in price are indirectly related to the US moving towards “having” to tap into our own reserves… but when/if that happens, you can rest assured the prices will not go down, in fact… the opposite.

    Consider in many parts of Europe, $8 to $12 a gallon is standard. We get the prices we do because the USD has been the standard for world currency forever… that has been on a HUGE decline lately.

    • I know that prices are going to go up even more, it’s just that they have spiked upward so quick that bugs me. It’s not like my salary has spiked that quickly… :-/

      • Paul says:

        New news today regarding the instability in Saudi Arabia and potential uprisings, that would not doubt affect our oil prices, and further speculation that we are looking at $5/g very soon.

  2. Guy Reynolds says:

    I got a Chevy Equinox a year ago. I wanted to go with a truck or SUV, but still needed to think economically. But even with decent gas mileage (at least for an SUV), I’m already considering changing vehicles up again. Also looking at a couple models from VW.

    What really sucks is that this really has nothing to do with Libya (at least directly). It’s a bunch of mega rich fucks gambling on oil futures that’s causing this.

    But I guess that’s how it’s always been, and probably always will be. Until Thunderdome. When two men enter, one man leaves.

  3. The short version of why: We are an empire in decline.

    …and you get hangers on like “green peace” when you are that. Think organism with rampant parasitic infections.

    And contrary to what dufaces think its not the speculators driving oil up. Fundamentally there has to be value to a product and there is no way to game that up with futures options. If you watch the following PBS series “The Prize” you will realize we are in the opposite situation from when the big Texas oil fields came in and drove the price of oil to zero.

    ….all other explanations are cloaked disculpas for our clueless Dear Leader and his shutting down drilling in the gulf of Mexico etc.

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