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1Password – Love it!

1PasswordI’m not quite sure how I went through the past few years of my life without using 1Password. I can’t imagine NOT using it now that I finally got it all setup on my Macbook, my iPhone, and my iMac at work.

Basically, if you’re like most people out there, you have 1 or 2 combinations of passwords that you use regularly – because you remember them…duh. However, if one of those were to become compromised, how bad does it suck to go around from site to site and change your password.

Let me tell you…it blows.

1Password integrates in cleanly with Firefox, Safari, & Chrome (not to mention other browsers), and it’s stupid easy to use. When you’re on a site that’s asking for authentication, it’ll ask you if you want to save that login information – you do, and when you come back to that site and need to login, you just need to push Command+\ (backslash) and it’ll input the login/pass and log you right in.

Seriously…it’s stupid easy, and it’s a must to use. You can also store your credit card information, your identity (for registration forms/etc), and social security numbers (if you have kids, you can store theirs since I never remember my son’s). When you have that information (stored securely), it makes it so easy to make purchases online or fill out forms/etc – and then you don’t have to go grab a card, or look up info – it’s right there!

The one thing it doesn’t do is integrate in with the Apple keychain, so you still have to copy/paste out your password from 1Password to use apps like Mail, iChat, or the Twitter app, however, that’s definitely not a big enough reason to not get it.

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