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There’s a number for that.

So let’s say that you’re having an issue with your car – you push the gas, but it “doesn’t go”. What do you do? Do you call the kid down at Circle K for help? I mean…he works with gas…he totally has to know how to fix that.

Sounds pretty dumb…right? Well, then why is it, that nearly everyone thinks I know (or actually want to know) how to fix computers? Yeah, I work in the tech industry, but do you know what I do? I build web sites – I don’t fix computers – I don’t know how many times I have to say it.

There are people, as a matter of fact, there are GROUPS of people, hired by manufacturers, that are trained in providing support over the phone for the products that they sell. Seriously. If your Dell computer breaks after you plug it in, there’s a number you can call for that. If you’re printer isn’t printing, there’s also a number for that. And guess what – it’s not my number.

I hate to be rude, but fucking come on. I think the next time I’m asked that, I’m going to ask if we could just trade services, since they can obviously type on a keyboard, they can write my code for me…because it’s just typing…right?


  1. Unless it’s your parents, because, well…they’re your parents! Or you can send them this:

  2. Jeremy says:

    No kidding dude. I love sending people to this: (Let Me Google That For You).

  3. Flyboy67109 says:

    I was asked to look at a laptop with keys that were missing. I was told that they “just came off by themselves.” Looking at the keys, I notices they formed a perfect pattern of a clenched fist. The keys “just came off by themselves” alright…after he beat the crap out of his laptop! Told them they needed to call Dell for that one. Your picture reminded me of that.

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