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Al Davis…you’re an idiot!

Why would you let Tom Cable go when he just led your team to the best record you’ve had in almost a decade? I assume it’s out of greed since he can see (can he see?) that he might actually have a group of players with some talent, but now, the Raiders as a team are about as useful as having a car without any gas.

I’m not a Raiders fan by any means, I actually loathe Raiders fans (I’m looking at you Kauffman and Erickson – kiss kiss), but let’s be honest, amazingly enough, the Raiders actually have some talent on their team. With McFadden & Bush in the backfield and Jason Campbell getting some more time in, all we need now is for Elway to get some shit straight in Denver and the AFC West won’t be so much of a joke anymore (aside from the Chargers) – I mean, hell, the 2010 Chiefs…what? They led the league in total rushing yards on the season…and the Raiders were right behind them… :-?

Any way…back to Delilah…

One area where the Raiders do need some help, is their penalty yards. In 2010, they led the NFL in penalty yards by nearly 200 yards ahead of the next team (Eagles). Maybe Al Davis will make some more changes and paint the locker room pink with pretty flowers all over to put the guys in a more blissful state of mind before heading out on to the field.


  1. Jrhadlock says:

    He’s the worst owner in all of professional sports. There’s a reason the NFL was contemplating taking the team away from him a few years ago. Why anyone would want to work for that guy is beyond me.

  2. NobleRaider says:

    Al Davis is beyond stupid….every decision he makes is based on ego…he let Gruden go because Gruden got well deserved credit for turning the raiders around…hate to say it, but I’m looking forward to this guys funeral

  3. Erickson says:

    from what my insurance agent told me (former Raider probowl player) Al Davis is pretty far into senility and that he was the nicest guy he ever played for but has slipped big time in the last 5 years or so.

    Still they had twice as many wins as the Cardinals this year.

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