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2012 Audi RS3 Teaser Video

I like me some RS action out of Audi – now the little brother of the RS4 is stepping up it’s game!

I don’t care who you are, that car is so full of win, it hurts. Apparently this is yet another car we won’t see in the US because the market just isn’t there, but I can’t help but believe that if this car were in limited production similar to the R32’s produced under VW, they could sell every unit.

More companies need to take cues from Apple – create the buzz, which will create the demand, limit the supply, rinse & repeat.


  1. and why isn’t this post on your car site… blog… whatever

    • Anonymous says:

      Because…surprise surprise…it’s not finished… :-/ Martin did the initial design, then I found some slick magazine style themes, but I haven’t settled on anything yet…

  2. Audi CT says:

    Awesome video……
    I got a close look of the Audi RS3 model from your amazing post.
    Keep up this type of posting.

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