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2010 – The “Suck” was strong with you…

I wouldn’t call 2010 a successful year at all. I would call it more of a learning experience.

I can’t say that I started off 2010 in a good or bad position more so then it was just “a” position. I had a job, healthy kids, a girlfriend, etc – but I wasn’t happy. February rolled around and I made some changes – broke up with Kate. March rolled around, and I realized I wasn’t in a happy place at all. I saw my doctor, I quit drinking, and I started changing up my diet – because I was tired of being “shrek sized”. By April, I made a goal to just “make it to the gym”. I figured if I could at least make it there, I could be shamed into actually doing something productive that might have a side effect of weight loss.

I literally started shedding weight like never before.

Around June, I decided, against everything that everyone told me, to become a freelancer again. That was stupid. Around Sept/Oct everything with that whole “idea” started imploding. It’s not hard for me to get the business, it’s been my problem to manage the work to sustain sanity and a healthy schedule. Instead of trying to sort out my schedule, and stop selling, I was working on borrowed time from August – October. There’s nothing worse then to start a week with development debt from the week before, except if you’re week includes that time + borrowed time + development debt.

Admitting failure is hard…for me.

I never wanted to admit it when my marriage failed among several other failures, and I surely didn’t want to admit failure the SECOND time I decided to freelance. I mean, didn’t I learn anything from the first time around? If I had learned anything – it would of made this time run a lot smoother.

I got ANOTHER new job.

I don’t know if I’m necessarily proud of my resume. I’ve worked for more companies in the last 10 years then both my parents have worked for their entire lives. I know that in my field, that’s the way to get paid what you’re worth, but I’m pretty sure one change that would be good for me, would be to increase stability.

Change is inevitable, and should be welcomed with an open mind.

My personal grade for 2010…C-. The only reason I didn’t give myself a D is because I actually hit my “lost 50lbs” goal I set back in April of 2010. Mind you, I was a few months late in hitting that goal, but I hit it – I’ve never been in this good of shape. Moving forward, I have to focus on a few things – continued eradication of laziness, increase financial health in small chunks, and continue learning about health/fitness and how to push myself further.

Here’s to 2011 – I’m going to officially start it today – January 3rd, 2011 – because lord knows that the events that happened after midnight on the first were…um…a little interesting.

Love, peace, and hair grease!


  1. Messymissyi69 says:

    Very well said, Beau. I think 2010 was a “shitty” year for alot of people.. definately was for me. Cheers to the new year and a fresh start on life! May yours be a happy one! =)

  2. “I literally started shedding weight like never before.”
    shut. it.

    I remember April Holle told me once a long time ago that the web field has a high turnover. She said most people in the biz stay in a job 1-5 years. It was kind of an epiphany for me because I was always thinking Jason was looking for his ‘permanent’ job, something he would stay at for most of the rest of our lives. But what she said rang so true and I’ve come to understand that it’s just not ever going to be like that in our life, and that’s ok. It’s the industry, it’s him (creative types), it’s us (I’m a touch transient too), and it’s ok.

    I hope your 2011 is better!

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