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Codeigniter 2, Capistrano, & Phake

Well – it was time for me to finally make a contribution to the PHP community – so here it is – my extended version of Codeigniter 2 – a little “rails-ified”.

Basically, I wanted to capitalize on some of the features of rails (that I love so much) and put them in to PHP to make dev times that much faster. I added things such as default functions on models (find, all, create, destroy), added in deployment with Capistrano, and added the ability to run “Phake” tasks – similar to rake tasks.

Setup is really easy – I’ve written up some basic installation instructions with the documentation I’ve put together.  Would love to hear what you think/comments/questions/whatever.  I’ll definitely be adding to this site & framework every once in a while – now I just gotta figure out git tagging so I can tag the versions right on Github.



  1. Nice man look at you, bein a CI hacker and all :)

  2. Thanks Chuck!

  3. Does it save all settings and functions (capistano, for example) after update the CI?

    P.S. Hello from Russia.

    • I honestly haven’t tried this out in a while, but I do have a project running 2.0.3 that I should try it out on. I’ll wire it up tonight during my coding session and I’ll let you know.

  4. Capistrano*

  5. Well, I’ll be waiting.

  6. Jean-Pierre says:


    I’ve discovered phake and it’s great. But I cannot get it to work with code igniter. You seems te be the only response to that conundrum for google. Hurray! But alas, your links do not work. Could you provide some help for my problem?

    PS: greetings from France.

    • Holy late reply, and to be honest with you, I haven’t touched ‘phake’ in so long, I’m not sure how to answer your question. The old site I had got taken down, and I didn’t even know those links still existed out there…sorry!

      What are you trying to use phake for…just running tasks? There are other “task runner” like applications out there that you can install now. We have a basic app that runs on that you could download and decode if you’d like! :)


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