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Michael Vick – The best starting QB in Philadelphia

It’s about damn time. Yes – I just wrote that. Come on out haters.

Let’s get something straight, Michael Vick is the better QB – no matter what you haters say. The man has more experience, better awareness, and I’m sorry, he possesses the “shock” factor that Andy Reid loves. In 2006, Michael Vick threw for almost 2500 yards and rushed for over 1000 – that’s a dangerous combination for any defense, I don’t give  a shit who the defensive coordinator is.

Michael Vick looked like the Michael Vick of 2006 last week against the Lions. Granted, the Lions have only won 2 of their last 35 games or some shit like that, but he looked like the starter – has Kolb looked like that yet? There are no other QB’s in the league like him right now – the dude can throw AND the dude can run. He’s definitely no full on running back, but he’ll pull a Madden style juke out of his ass and leave some DE wondering what the hell just happened 20 yards later.

I’ve gotten in to heated battles over Michael Vick on my blog and Twitter in the past over his “dog days”, but you know what, the dude served his time, he’s a trained football player, so there’s no better place for him than on the football field. I’m really excited to see how he plays this season, and I’m really excited to see the expression on Jerry Jones face when he beats the Cowboy’s both games this season – “Super Bowl Home Field Advantage” – my ass Jerry…nevAr gonna happen.

So where are all the haters at? Bring it on Donkey Kong!


  1. Tyler Hurst says:

    You sure that’s not the “shock” factor?

    Or did he actually say shocker?

  2. Noted and updated – but he probably did say “shocker”…hahaha

  3. Andy Forwark says:

    True story. Jerry Jones can suck it.

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