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Manny…sure…but Big Papi…WTF???

eticket_g_manny17_850Great, more names to tarnish MLB history.  The New York Times is reporting that Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz are said to be on the list of MLB players that tested positive for performance enhancing drugs in 2003.  Both heavy hitters, and both contributed to the Red Sox 86 year Championship drought…what now?  I can see Manny being on the list…duh…but Ortiz?  C’mon…Big Papi???  Say it ain’t so!

Of course it’s the New York Times that’s reporting this – I’m sure there are plenty of Sox haters working there, but still…news like this doesn’t look well on the famous come back of the Red Sox to pull through “the curse” and get 2 World Series Championships in 4 years after an 86 year slump.

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  1. Evo Terra says:

    I’m going to *try* and not make an intentionally incendiary post.

    To me — the by-no-means-a-baseball-fanatic-but-can-be-conversant-on-the-topic person — the issue of ‘roids and baseball is tantamount to the authenticity of pro-wrestling. I find it very difficult to believe that the true fans of the game do not all know full well that performance enhancing drugs are used within the sport on a regular basis.

    In my experience, people who don’t care that much about baseball (that’s me) accept this without difficulty. I fail to see how the abject denial by players, clubs and fandom helps spread the cause of baseball.

    (And here’s where I may get a little incendiary…) Not only does baseball have to get me to overcome the “boredom” hurdle to make me a fan, but this extreme state of denial doesn’t help. If any thing, it looks a bit silly.

    OK, bring the hate, people. I can take it. ;)

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