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Wanna save money on development costs? Stop using Internet Explorer!!!

firefox_and_internet_explorerIt goes without saying really that we are in a recession, and many people and businesses are looking to save some money.  I’ve got a great idea to help out…STOP USING INTERNET EXPLORER!

As a web developer, I have many things that I factor in when developing a new site, or adding on to an existing site, and you know, people could really save some cash if I didn’t have to spend extra time making Internet Explorer play nice like the other browsers do with no “extra” help.

Let’s say that some normal markup would take about 10 hours…well I’ll quote it out as 13+ just because of that extra bit I’m going to have to spend on making Internet Explorer display the same way that the other browsers do just because they conform to standards.

So do yourself a favor…if you want to save some development costs, spread the word, Internet Explorer is the devil as far as XHTML/CSS is concerned – it just HAS to be different and it is costing YOU more money.

I think Microsoft did it that way, because you know you didn’t pay for that Office software you are using…so they are just stickin’ it to ya in another way! hahahaha

Download Firefox or Download Safari – and save your soul!!!


  1. cancelBubble says:

    I think you might be surprised about how many large corporations are still running IE6 – and IT Depts in large corporations move GLACIALLY. Also, last time I checked, there were a lot more IE6 users than Safari. No business in their right mind is going to be OK with excluding what is still a sizable portion of potential customers so web developers can be happy.

    Don’t drop IE6 support – charge for it.

    Personally I want to see lots more *highly visible sites* drop support for IE6 – as that encourages users to upgrade.

  2. Oh, I know that there are a ton of them, but its idiotic. Safari conforms to standards way better than IE ever has…

    On the flip side – charging for IE6 support – fine – I’ll pay some dude $2 in India to do it, but I’m charging the client $100 and they are going to have to deal with the language barrier – not me – that’ll get them to stop supporting IE6…

    I full on said that I won’t support IE6 on – but I still have some issues with IE7…its like a never ending battle from Microsoft. Start from scratch, hire all new developers, and make IE9 actually fucking work…because its obvious that IE8 already doesn’t support many popular sites – even… :-/

  3. I am the only one at my firm that uses firefox. At first I laughed thinking it was a joke but most of them really don’t care anyways good article I’m trying to get familier with the Phoenix web developers.

  4. Internet Explorer 8 is very good because it is as stable as Opera. I hate the previous versions of IE like IE6 because it hangs frequently. ‘


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