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Kurt Warner & Arizona Cardinals Come to Terms

NFL Divisional PlayoffsWell its about damn time!  Today the Arizona Cardinals and Kurt Warner agreed to a $23 million 2 year deal with $19 million in guaranteed cash to Kurt.  He gets $15 million up front and $4 million base salary for 2009/2010 seasons.

ESPN Article: Warner, Cardinals Agree

All week long I have been biting my nails and screaming that the Cardinals just pay the man – the old man was definitely a large piece of the catalyst that got the Arizona Cardinals to the #2 spot for the 2008 season (although I would have preferred #1, #2 sits just fine with me).

Now on to other issues – Anquan Boldin and Edgerrin James.  I am still on the fence about Anquan, he’s a great player, but he’s no Larry Fitzgerald.  He does bring a certain David Boston’esque feel to the receiver line up tho with as big and as physical as he is, and having a big dude on the squad that can catch a ball and lead the league in TD’s while he was out for 3 games…ummm…the Cards better re-sign his ass!

Edgerrin…bye bye.  Yeah, you pulled some great stats out of your ass in the playoffs, but give me a break – we had to pull a McNabb on your ass to get you there.  See ya…I’ll take Hightower and Arrington over your ass any day of the week.

Exciting times right now…now only if we could trade Lienart to Detroit for that #1 pick in the draft???  Stafford > Lienart!


  1. Brian Roy says:

    The genius move is the 15mm up front. That means they eat it all in cap $$ year one. Why does this matter? It leaves open the possibility that next year Matt takes a big step forward OR they go QB hunting via Free Agency or high draft picks.

    Nice move Cardinals… I can’t believe I’m saying this but the front office really has their head in the game now.

  2. John says:

    All they have is Hightower……….Arrington is gone!

  3. But a memory of Arrington is better than a disgruntled washed up James… ;-)

  4. Clintus says:

    Hell yeah buddy!! Super stoked about this.

    PS your viddler video plug wasn’t working.

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