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New House…New Job…

First off – FINALLY got moved in to the new #TukeeDevHouse – it’s sooo much nicer than the last house.  Pretty much still living in and out of boxes, but I’m hoping that situation will be resolved soon…really just boils down to “just fucking do it”.  We’ll be having a house-warming party soon…let us get through the boxes and getting everything sorted out first!

On to the next topic – new job.  It was a hard decision to come to, but I finally decided that it was probably time to get a “normal job” with a steady paycheck.  Its not only good for bills and so forth, but its good for Dom & Lexi to not have me so stressed out all the time when I’m worrying about when I’m getting paid next.

I went on a few interviews, but ended up accepting a position as a web developer at 944 Media in Scottsdale.  I actually interviewed with 944 on the Monday after I moved in to the new place, got an offer on Tuesday, and started on Wednesday.  944 Media produces several magazines and and I get to work on a mix of all of it by working on the intranet that basically contains all the functionality needed to run 944 Media.  I also couldn’t of picked a better time to come on – the NBA All-Star weekend is happening this week and 944 is hosting all the big parties.  If you want to get in on all the cool All-Star parties that 944 is putting on, you can find information about them and purchase tickets over on their site.

I’m still planning on maintaining in my off time…so don’t worry…updates and progress will still be made on that site as I am continuing to build traffic & content that will only make it more valuable when or offer to buy it from me! HAHAHA

So that’s basically it…new house…new job…good stuff…back to work!

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