Chief Technology Officer & Photographer | Irvine, CA – In a weekend!

I was approached by Mike D’Elena of Reckless T’s the weekend prior to Xmas.  Turns out the developer he had working on (a new site idea he had come up with) totally bailed on him and the project got way off course.  Mike was in a predicament and came to me to see if I could provide any assistance with very limited time and a very limited budget.

$500 and 10 hours later… was reborn in CodeIgniter.  I literally rewrote the whole site instead of using what was already pieced together and produced one of the cleanest coded sites ever.

So…do you need to find your dog a play date?  You can register on the site, give your dog a profile, and find other dogs around you.  The site also uses for feedback and bug tracking, so if you happen to have a suggestion or find a bug on the site, let your voice be heard and click on the “feedback” tab anchored to the left of your browser.


  1. Jason Newlin says:

    Helpin a brother out… you’re the man Beau. Nice work. Your Css has come a long way :).

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