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NFL Pick-Em League

For the past 10 years or so, I’ve participated in Fantasy Football with the same group of friends.  However, this year, I decided to change it up a little and also got in on a pick-em league.  Basically, you just go through the games each week and pick who the winner is.  There was a $20 buy in, and there is about 40+ in the league.  Right now, I’m sitting in 8th place (I’ve been as high as 5th).  The first place prize is $600…and I’ve got my sights on it!  Figure I can keep my blog a little less stale if I start adding these little posts – so here are my picks for this week:

  • Cleveland vs. Denver (Pick: Cleveland) – Incorrect
  • Atlanta vs New Orleans (Pick: New Orleans) – Incorrect
  • Tennessee vs. Chicago (Pick: Tennessee) – Correct
  • Jacksonville vs. Detroit (Pick: Jacksonville) – Correct
  • Miami vs. Seattle (Pick: Miami) – Correct
  • Minnesota vs. Green Bay (Pick: Green Bay) – Incorrect
  • New England vs. Buffalo (Pick: New England) – Correct
  • New York Jets vs. St. Louis (Pick: New York Jets) – Correct
  • Baltimore vs. Houston (Pick: Baltimore) – Correct
  • Carolina vs. Oakland (Pick: Carolina) – Correct
  • Pittsburgh vs. Indianapolis (Pick: Pittsburgh) – Incorrect
  • San Diego vs. Kansas City (Pick: San Diego) – Correct
  • Philadelphia vs. New York Giants (Pick: New York Giants) – Correct
  • Arizona vs. San Francisco (Pick: Arizona)

So how do you think I did?  I’ll find out soon enough I suppose! LOL  Oh…and the Arizona Cardinals are tearing it up this year!  Lovin’ every minute of that.  Playoffs…here we come!


  1. Nick Bastian says:

    MNF should be fun this week. Man, it has been a long, hard road rooting for the Cardinals all these years. You live here, you gotta pull for the home team. right?
    How cool would it be for them to really start kicking some tail…

  2. MNF this week is going to be nuts! I wish I was going to the game! I’m am so proud to be a Cardinals fan right now!!!

  3. Grrr…effin’ Green Bay…not much offensive production out of them, but they should of had that game!!!

  4. tom wright says:

    GOOD lUCK.

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