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Why must the PS3 haunt me so?

For weeks now, especially since the GT5 Prologue came out, I’ve been wanting to purchase a PS3.  I mean, it’s $400 for a gaming system that’s top notch, and it’s a Blu-Ray player as well…but why can’t I pull the trigger yet?  Ugh…

So…today…I was at Target picking up a few things for my buddies wedding tonight, and noticed they have a nice little $50 gift card special with the purchase of the PS3.  Well, I just about pulled the trigger until I found out I had to buy 2 Blu-Ray movies (from a list of movies of which I’d probably only buy 1).  Ugh…yet another foiled attempt at buying the PS3.  Hell, when Forza 2 came out for 360, I went and blew about $700 getting the Xbox 360 Elite (the black one with HDMI), the wireless racing wheel, Forza 2, and Gears of War…like it was nothing…why can’t I just pull the trigger already and get the PS3???  I have a 1080p 24″ monitor to hook it up to…so it’s not like I’m waiting on my new TV purchase.  

Ugh…do want… 

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