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My Blog – Resurrected

Well, I’ve had a “blog” for a while now, but never really wrote too much in it. I’m not too sure why – as I post like a mad man to my Twitter page on a daily basis. Maybe I’m a bit too busy with client projects, personal projects, hangin’ with Dom, or playing my Xbox 360 – who knows – but I do know, that I’m going to start updating this thing a lot more now!

WordPress 2.5 was released yesterday, and with as much as Chuck (my roommate) has talked about it, I figured, what the hell, I’ll give it a whirl! Well…I did. It is also worth mentioning, that this is my first time customizing a WordPress Blog by myself, and well, it was pretty easy – I thought it was way more in depth than this!

As you can tell, I’m no great designer – but I can code PHP/MySQL like a mad man. I’ve got some projects that I’m working on right now that dabble in the Twitter API, Viddler API, and a few other custom pieces that I’m working on. The project that has the most fire under it right now is – and let me tell ya…it’s sooooooo much fun! We should have it ready here in no time. Head on over to the site and sign up now!

So any who…with all that being said…I just want this thing published and I can start moving forward – and I can start tweaking things as well. So yeah…welcome…hope you enjoy my rambling!


  1. Yay it’s live! Grats on get’n er done!

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